The March for Science 2018

I attended the March for Science in D.C. on the prompting of my girlfriend. The speakers were interesting though the heat and sun did a number on the crowd and the pollen count destroyed my sinuses. Wendy Zuckerman (say it in an Australian accent just for fun) was the highlight of the event in my opinion, though I only heard half of the speakers the rally felt like it lacked a through line. From science communication (Dr. Dilworth’s speech was worth baking in the sun for), to patient advocacy, and the Flint water crisis, topics varied, as did my interest and emotional resonance. The only thing I could think of during Henry Wedler’s speech was what the Federation of the Blind looks like.

Federation of the Blind
The Federation of the Blind sees no loyalty in you.

(I feel like I’m lifting this from somewhere, but I don’t remember where…)

I’d like to repeat for the record that every group brought something interesting to the table and all their goals seem worthwhile from their websites, but I think the rally failed to bring all these together into an increasingly engaging message. I left for the march feeling less than pumped. The march itself left me feeling less than satisfactory as well.

My experience with marches is wholly and totally limited to the Wisconsin protests in 2011. I don’t know if that was an exception or the norm, but the March for Science was nowhere near that level of anger or passion. The spiciest the chants got were “Fire Scott Pruitt”. Which might be more inflammatory if he wasn’t incompetent, paranoid, and under a GAO investigation. This is the second year, and I felt that the median age skewed higher than I expected which both might have contributed to my lack-luster experience.


My three highlights. We got to meet Wendy Zuckerman (say it with an Australian accent because it sounds better) and got a photo with her. Second, no one is gonna figure out my sign (this is a challenge, please try). Third was Daikaya Ramen, which was excellent even with the hour wait. I might go back to the swamp just for more ramen.


Please attempt to solve my sign, it’s not that difficult (spelling is).

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