My name is James Welch, I write this garbage. I’m from Madison, Wisconsin. One of the more northern flyover/newly rust-belt states. I graduated Purdue University in 2017 having studied Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology. I have minors in Spanish, Biotechnology, and Creative Writing. As well as a certificate in learning Beyond the Classroom and an Honors distinction for my research. You probably expected Graduate School to come next and so did I. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and now I’m one of those lost 20 somethings that coming-of-age movies get made about.

I’ll direct you to this page if you want to get a sense for what this blog is about. But it boils down to a creative outlet for someone who needs one.

I promise nothing with this project. It might stop after three posts or three hundred. I might dive deep into interesting topics or skim across fifty of them in the same post. The only promises I’ll make is to try not to use too many commas, write about what I’m interested in, and keep trying to move forward.

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