Raising the Curtain

I’ve always loved talking about my random ideas. Conjectures for the future, models of random things I observe, and all those “wouldn’t it be cool if…” moments. Since my life took a little bit of a turn and I’m still trying to recover what better time to start pouring myself out into the ether(net).

As of writing this I have no idea what shape this blog will take in the future. It might all be about synthetic biology, my area of training and interest, I might just post all my personal ramblings, I might even bring in some friends to write things and share ideas. But I guess if I had to condense down the feelings of this blog it’d be something like this…

Dissident Genetics

Weird, stupid, and creative ideas about synthetic biology, humanity, and the future.

Before starting this project, I thought the name originated with a podcast episode called “Dissident Waves” but it turns out that’s not quite a real thing. There is an episode called “Fugitive Waves #10: Dissident Kitchens” by The Kitchen Sisters so maybe I heard an ad for that and it recombined in my head, idk. It is also a reference to biopunk and the things I am truly scared of; the dissident geneticists if that wasn’t clear. I do not count myself as one of the actively dissident (is label appropriation a thing?) but I hope some of my ideas can be. This might be a mess, it might not make sense to anyone, but at least it’s mine.

Also, there will be grammar and spelling mistakes. Deal. With. It. There are already too many nazis out there, we don’t need more grammar ones too.

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